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The taking down of YouTube vanced, the best YouTube mod app available online, has proved the above phrase.YouTube is a platform we all know and love. But it’s one that doesn’t necessarily provide you with all of the features you may want out of the box. Despite paying for a YouTube Premium subscription, many of us also used to use Vanced for the additional features that it offered. While advertisements are part-and-parcel of any online service these days, alternatives such as Vanced offer more than just advertisement blocking. They provide features such as more granular video playback options, device spoofing (which was helpful in bypassing restrictions), bringing back the YouTube dislike button, SponsorBlock, and more. Even better was the ability to log in and watch YouTube on Huawei devices, something that you could only do in a browser otherwise. But recent developments with Vanced will force people to look for alternatives, and we’re here to help with that.

Addressing the elephant in the room, Vanced was taken offline by its developers after the team received a "cease and desist order" from Google. XDA Developers reached out to one of the admins on the team’s Discord server shortly after the news broke, and they were told that they were instructed to refrain from using YouTube’s name and distributing packages that violate YouTube’s Terms of Service. The team verified that it was legitimate, and had no choice but to pull down download links for Vanced.

Though YouTube vanced is still up as I am writing this article and is expected to work for around 2 more years, you can check it out in our article about it here.

So, the thing you are here for, best vanced replacements are as follows:


NewPipe is a classic alternative that has been around longer than Vanced has. It’s completely free and open-source while offering background playback, picture-in-picture, video downloading, and more. It’s continuously updated with new features, and the developers are incredibly privacy-conscious. One downside of that is that you can’t log in to your YouTube account in NewPipe, but it does mean there are no advertisements and it works on devices that don’t have Google apps. You can also share videos from the regular YouTube app on your phone to NewPipe for playback if you wish.

You can download NewPipe from F-Droid or the team’s website, and if you’re interested, there’s also a fork of NewPipe that’s maintained and integrates SponsorBlock, you can download the SponsorBlock variant from GitHub.


SkyTube is an interesting one, as it comes in two variants. One is “SkyTube Extra” which packs closed libraries and supports the official YouTube player and casting. The other is a completely open-source variant that’s published on F-Droid, though it’s slower to update (the team says up to five days for an update) and obviously lacks those additional features.However, no matter which you choose, you’re getting video downloading, background playback, video blocking, no advertisements, and a whole lot more. SkyTube is also available on F-Droid, though you’ll need to download SkyTube Extra from the team’s website.


LibreTube is an interesting YouTube app as it’s currently in beta, and it shows. However, it still has some crucial features that may entice you to try it out. One of the most interesting things about LibreTube is that it uses Piped, so you don’t ever connect directly to Google’s servers. There’s a server in between you and Google (and LibreTube lets you select from a few). You can register an account on that server if you want to subscribe to channels, but you’re not subscribing on any Google-affiliated service.You can check out the default Piped front-end that LibreTube uses in your browser normally. Piped is primarily aimed at being used on desktop, but it’s a cool proof of concept to see how it can form the basis of an alternative YouTube client on mobile. LibreTube is only available on GitHub currently.

The article will be updated as new competitors show up, but the legend will be missed forever 😞.


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