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The Lion King

From beneath the cloak of the dense grassland, originated an unceasing thunder, the young leaves furled up in fear while the boastful winds hid behind the bushes.The lion was being propelled by the unimaginable and irresistible temptation of its prey. It could delight it's unquenched senses with the footsteps of the a-mile-away zebra. Ravenous hunger made him even more treacherous. Ferocity and majesty were slushing off him, as his mighty legs shook the earth. Another dreadful roar and the lion was overwhelmed by his appetite. He was awaiting his first encounter with the zebra when he would lunge and pierce it's jet black stripes, and bite off the white ones, devouring the feast after a week of starvation. 

The insensate zebra, unconscious of the impending demise, was feeding himself before disappearing in the twilight of the setting sun. The overcast sky was the precursor of his shroud. And what happens then, his soft ears whisper in impatient rhythms, the crackling and crunching of the crispy grasses. He was not unaccustomed to this prompt. His hindlimbs winged themselves and swifted through the breeze while the forelimbs galloped the meshes in the path. After all, who doesn't treasure one's life? The high grasses bowed to give way and the serene sunset grew windy.

Lions are remarkable predators. He embarked on a chase unless his eyelids blinked at the sight of the escaping zebra. A hungry lion never fails an assault. His heavy foot quaked the ground and the zebra in bleak prospects continued to sprint.

No sooner did his feet surface the land beyond the territory of the Lion King than the lion halted. Lions are governed by a principle of not gorging on prey outside the walls of their realm. The unsatisfied lion turned around leaving the zebra to soothe the hunger of the tiger into whose territory it had entered.


visual imagery

The above work is written by our Writer ABHIDEEP SHIKHAR, all credit goes to him. CHEERS!

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