SMS or call bomb anyone with 500 msgs per time limit | latest trick 💣

Today I will be telling about how could you flood someone's phone with OTP messages and calls, it annoys a lot, prank your friends and family and even if they have their number in protected list in apps like bombitup, this will work!

I am sure you might have heard about bombitup app, even if not it's a great app which provides gui to help you sms bomb anyone. Though it's great, it has many downsides like its limit is just 50 messages each time (in India) and if a user has his number in the protected list, it won't work😑. So, I would tell you about a better tools for this which has limit of 500 messages each time and is open source and has features like call bomb as well😳😉.

The tool which I will be using is TBomb as I said it is open source so click here to see it on GitHub.

To run this script install termux app from playstore or click here.

I would advice to manually type all the commands instead of copying them for better results and commands are case sensitive so please be careful.

Now open the termux app and type the following command:

pkg install git -y 

It will install the git package in termux and after installation the screen would look something like this:

Then type

pkg install python -y 

As I already had python it is showing like this, if you are doing for the first time it would be some different, no worries ;)

It installs python on termux.

Now type

git clone

It will look something like:

It will clone the folder having code of TBomb from GitHub to your local directory.

Now type:

cd TBomb

It will take you to the TBomb folder which we just copied from GitHub. It will show something like this:

Now type:


It will install TBomb on your device. After the execution of this command, screen would look like:

Noice, now we have successfully fully installed it.

So now let me bomb myself for testing🤦😅

So now type:


It will start SMS bomber and enter the following details:

Country code for India is 91, others can search web for their country code, I censored my phone number because I do not want that everyone of you test on me :D

Max number of times is 500 as I already stated, time delay is the delay between 2 successive messages and number of threads enter as recommended.

Now press enter.

And again press enter to start.

It will be looking like this and the messages are continuously going, if you would like to show mercy press ctrl+z, btw hackers do not show mercy :D

And ya it's not fake, here's the proof

I got around 250-300 messages, definitely not 500 but more than what bombitup sends.

You may try call bomb yourself as well.

And for next time just open termux and type:

cd TBomb

And after that you know ;)😉

If you liked the trick share with your friends and family and do let me know in the comments if you need any help and join our discord server for any help or request.

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