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CHESSKON is now sponsored by AoPS . If you do not know who they are,

All members of the 20152021 US International Math Olympiad teams are AoPS alumni.

this statement will answer your question. Do visit their site to know more.

We have more than $150+ WORTH PRIZES for top performers and FREE PRIZES for all participants.

So do participate for as they say, the most important thing in competitions is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.

Register for the event here now-

Event Dates- 3 April, 2022- League Stage

10 April, 2022- Finale Stage 7p.m. IST Onwards

Tournament Platform-

Join this event link:

Join this Discord server for latest updates:

Join this WhatsApp group for updates[NOT COMPULSORY]:

Visit the events section for more updates on the event.

Organized by:


Math Et Al :


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