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Maths Problem of The Week(POTW) - 1

A robot moves in a spiral on a grid as shown. He takes steps of 50 cm. Starting from point A, take one step east then turn 90 ° to the left and advance 2 steps north then turn 90 ° and advance 3 steps west, turn 90 ° and go 4 paces south and so on. In each new direction he takes one more step than in the previous direction. After walking 2080 steps, how far from its starting point is it? If necessary, take 1.414 for √2 and give the answer in cm and round to the nearest cm.

~Shivansh Srivastava

This problem is not written by me. I do not want to disclose the source until next week, when I release the solutions. If you successfully solve it, you can either comment the answer here or send them in our discord server here. 

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