Lost in the maze

Intricated gets the world, communities stand still

When the epidemic knocks the window sill

The mankind dynamically invisible

Lost in the maze of time, unpredictable.

The scientist community scratches their heads

To alleviate the patients on hospital beds

The government calls for efficacious lockdowns

The commoners can but only frown.

Selfless doctors battlle against the invader

Institutions order an immediate closure

The global economy drains itself

Handcuffed humanity hopes for a bail.

The social media fetch exorbitant funds

Being the soul of distant communication

Roads barren, nobody can I see

Confined in the four walls is the humanity.

The leaders cautious, forebode a mishap

To nullify whose hazardous effects

Appeal their citizens-in-sheer indecision

To observe utter and mere isolation.

The shaft of hope doesn't play a hide all day long

We pledge together as a solemn song

To win over the unwelcomed outbreak

Restore the glory, lost in the wreck.

~Abhideep Shikhar, 2020

The above work is written by our writer ABHIDEEP SHIKHAR, all credit goes to him. CHEERS!

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