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Get most features of discord nitro and more for free for lifetime

Discord has become one of the most popular place for hangouts and other things. But sadly you need a paid subscription of nitro or nitro classic to get features like using outside or animated emojis and other things.

Before I start I would like you to sign up on this site to get access to special members-only content and join us on discord here to request content and discussions.

I would like to state that you should do this at your own risk as you may get banned if you enable some restricted features.

So let's get started.

We would be using a mod app in this method.

Click here to download

After downloading and installing the apk file login with your Discord ID and pass or if you are new then register.

After that go to User settings from here.

Then select Bluecord Mods as shown below.

Then click on chats and select emote mode and select nitro spoof or if you want bigger emojis then select nitro spoof (bigger emotes).

Done now you can use animated emojis everywhere.

See around in Bluecord Mods you can edit some other settings as well such as seeing deleted messages and editted messages and see names of hidden channel on the server (just names not the content).

Now let's see the pros and cons of using this mod instead of real discord or buying nitro.


  1. It's free forever.

  2. Can send animated emojis and outside emojis anywhere.

  3. See deleted and edited messages.

  4. More customisation feature.


  1. It's not official.

  2. Can get banned if you enable some dangerous settings.

  3. Don't get the nitro badge and server boosts.

  4. Can't use outside emojis in reactions.

Thanks for reading. If you liked it hit the ❤️ below and comment for any queries or join our discord server.

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