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Combinatorics Handout

Completed Combinatorics for INMO? Then I recommend you to solve these problems. It has 55 problems, handpicked by Rohan Goyal, India's IMO Bronze medallist. Since most are prove-based questions, i don't think these might be of help to JEE Advance Aspirants, unless you want a perfect score. Rohan, about this handout says, "These are 50 problems, which I think are nice but ofc vary extremely in difficulty ranging from the few of the hardest olympiad combi I’ve seen to some INMO level problems. So, please see whatever problems seem fun to you and try. If you do any 10 problems of these 55, that’s already quite good. Don’t worry about doing all."

Download PDF • 203KB

~Shivansh Srivastava

The above pdf is a work of Rohan Goyal, so all credits to him. Cheers!

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