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In an age, where “Black Lives Matter” is a common slogan in every household, I believe “Every Species Matters” should be on everyone’s lips. This slogan is so powerful because of the cause it supports. It tries to address a problem that has been rising in the recent decades and has reached to such an extent that it cannot be ignored now.

Biodiversity provides us with clean air, fresh water, good quality soil and crop pollination. It helps us fight climate change and adapt to it as well reduce the impact of natural hazards. But every year, 0.01 to 0.1% of all species go extinct, which is 1000-10000 times greater than the normal extinction rate. Main reasons for this include pollution, climate change, hunting, over-fishing etc. This is alarming as at this rate, human extinction might be possible as well. To support our future ones, we have to act as soon as possible on this problem.

Many Associations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature(WWF), European Parliament have recognized this problem and started to take action such as provisions on protected areas, land and sea areas. However for the change to be substantial, each and every one has to contribute to this by taking small steps such as avoiding pollutants such as plastics and keep pollution to a minimum.

“Their cries are heard but never understood

Their screams are heard but never addressed

Fading beauty of the nature they are

We have to stop ourselves before we go too far

To appreciate our Mother Nature’s precious gift

We have to stop their exploitation swift”


The above piece is written by our writer, Shivansh Srivastava, all credit goes to him. CHEERS!

SHIVANSH submitted this as an essay in a competition, where the required piece was to have 200 words only so he did not elaborate on some of his points.
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