AIME-Olympiad Geometry

Today I am providing a book written by President of a student STEM - organisation just like ours. The book is particularly helpful for Olympiad Geometry, but some sections like Circles might be helpful for JEE Mathematics too.

Link of the Book - Click Here

Support its writer by visiting their website , paypalling them here and by registering for their upcoming contest. The prizes for the contest are-

  • Swag package (top participant residing in US) - Desmos

  • 21 WolframAlpha Notebook Editions (top 5 teams, top 3 individuals, top 3 female participants) - WolframAlpha

  • 10 Amazon Gift Cards (top 10 individuals) - Jane Street

  • 10 Math-themed T shirts (top 3 teams and the rest raffled) - Jane Street

  • 4 AoPS Coupons (top team and the rest raffled) - Art of Problem Solving

  • 5 Overleaf Premium Licenses (1 for each of the top 5 teams) - Overleaf

  • 5 pencil kits and 5 umbrellas (top 10 individuals)- D E Shaw & Co


Shivansh Srivastava.

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